Should you limit screen time for kids?

Should you limit screen time for kids?

Last updated on 21st January, 2019 at 08:47 am

In a word: yes. Here’s why, and how to do it.

Disrupts sleeping patterns

According to Harvard University sleep researchers, screen devices suppress melatonin (a sleep signal released by darkness) which affects sleeping patterns and can lead to sleeping disorders like insomnia.

Reduces physical activity outdoors

Too much screen time inevitably means less ‘green time’. Interacting with nature develops muscle strength, social skills and sparks creativity.

Causes digital eyestrain

Dry-eye syndrome, strained eyes and near-sightedness are growing rapidly as a result of spending more than three hours a day on screen, says Open Ophthalmology research from the British Medical Journal.

3 Ways to get your family digitally healthy

  1. Offer alternative fun: bring out the old-school board games, play soccer or cricket with your kids, or spend an afternoon colouring in, drawing or painting with them.
  2. Set an example: encourage your children to put away their devices by doing the same yourself. How about a no-phone rule an hour before and after dinner for everyone in the family?
  3. Create a healthy tech space: ensure your family computer is at a desk and the keyboard and screen are adjusted to the right heights for your kids. Invest in a good chair, and ensure the computer screen is far back enough on the desk to give adequate distance for your children’s eyes.

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