Sanlam Online Will

Sanlam Reality members get free, secure Will storage through Sanlam when they complete the Sanlam Online Will application form below. A Will is an important document that stipulates how your property, possessions, money and other assets will be distributed when you pass away. It also helps you choose the beneficiaries and the executor of your estate.

If a more complex Will is required (Shariah Will, creation of a trust or guardian trust, establishment of a beneficiary fund or estate administration) it is advisable to contact the Sanlam Wills and Trust department on +27 21 947 5673 or send an email to

For each Sanlam Online Will submitted, you will earn 2 000 tier points (capped at 4 000 tier points for the Family membership options).

Note: Reality Club members do not earn tier points.

How the Sanlam Online Will works

To draft your Sanlam Online Will, you will have to complete a five-step process. We suggest that you read through the steps below, which will give you an overview of the information required.

Step 1: Requirements

  • You select the type of Will (single or joint). The online form provides for two or more people to draft a Will at the same time by completing the form jointly (joint Will).
  • You indicate whether your assets include foreign assets.

Step 2: Client details

  • You complete your personal details, including your ID number, the value of your assets and your liabilities (debt, mortgage or personal loans).
  • In the case of a joint Will, you will first complete your own details (Client 1) and then that of the other party (Client 2).

Step 3: Particulars of heirs

  • You specify heirs and fill in your children’s details (if any), including the age at which minor heirs should receive their inheritance.
  • You also complete the details of guardians, if relevant.

Step 4: Declaration

  • You read the declaration and click the tick box to confirm that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and their implications.
  • You then submit your Sanlam Online Will.

Once you’ve completed and submitted the Sanlam Online Will, your submission will be processed and your Will drafted electronically. You will receive a draft of the Sanlam Online Will at the email address provided.

  • Please review, print and sign the Will where indicated.
  • Take the printed and signed draft to your nearest Sanlam Client Care Centre. They will ensure that your Will is complete and will deliver it to Sanlam Trust for safe storage.
  • Alternatively you can send the documents via courier to: Sanlam Trust, Sanlam Head Office, 2 Strand Road, Bellville, 7530. You can also post the documents to: PO Box 1260, Sanlamhof, 7532

Please note, in order to submit a Sanlam Online Will application, you need to use the Preferred Login (Sanlam Secure Services login).

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