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Want to know how much you can borrow?

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Calculating how much you can borrow

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The financial calculators on this website are intended only as guidelines. The results will only be useful if appropriate inputs are used. The calculators may provide projections of uncertain future outcomes. Actual future values will be based on actual future experience and will differ from these projections. Before you take any action based on these calculations, we recommend that you seek sound financial advice from a registered financial adviser.

Last updated on 22nd September, 2020 at 02:00 pm

Whether its vehicle finance, a short-term loan or a home mortgage, this calculator will help you work out either your monthly repayments or how much money you can afford to take out on credit. If you are a Reality Health, Reality Plus or Reality Core member, and you are logged in, you will be awarded 1000 points when you use the calculator for the first time. These will reflect on your profile on your next log in.

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Use this table find your interest rate:

Interest rate on loanValue to use in calculator
Prime less 0.5%11.25%
Prime plus 0.5%12.25%
Prime plus 1%13%
Prime plus 1.5%13.25%
Prime plus 2%14%
A suggested guideline for interest rates is as follows:

Type of loanAverage interest rate
House mortgagePrime to prime +2%
Vehicle finance10.50% to 12.50%*
Personal loan20% to 30%**

*Vehicle Finance: Prime +2% and more depending on your credit rating

**Personal Loans: Prime + 10% to 20% and more depending on period of loan repayments and credit rating

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