About Us

Sanlam Reality is a lifestyle and rewards programme that empowers our members in various ways:

  • To save time on lifestyle events and money on their lifestyle purchases.
  • To maintain a healthier lifestyle.
  • To achieve financial fitness and remain informed on a number of topics (like personal finance and what’s happening in the Sanlam world).

Sanlam Reality, the brand name of our lifestyle programme, is managed by the company Real Futures (Pty) Ltd, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sanlam Ltd.

Main aims of the business

Sanlam Reality is designed to meet the ever-increasing needs of the financial-services industry:

  • To find innovative, interactive ways to manage, to maintain and to nurture our client relationships more effectively.
  • To inform, to educate, to empower and to motivate our clients more effectively.

Nature of the business

Sanlam Reality designs and administers consumer education and benefits on behalf of the Sanlam Group of companies.

Main products/services of the business

Sanlam Reality offers various membership options with associated benefits and financial education. The benefits for all of the membership options cover various categories:

  • Access to basic financial planning and budgeting tools.
  • Access to special discounts from our contracted retail partners.
  • Access to lifestyle and health benefits at reduced rates.
  • Access to a website, a call centre and to regular information on new benefits, specials, competitions and financial information, delivered via a network of communication tools.

Sanlam Reality

Managing Director: Jan Steenkamp

Directors: Gary Allen, André Fredericks, Theesan Moodley, Jean Lombard

Company Secretary: Ulishia Baijnath