Millennials: irresponsible with money? The truth, here

Is the myth that Millennials are irresponsible with money true? Sanlam's 2018 Benchmark Survey uncovered some surprising findings. Read on!

Building Wealth

Has your 30-year-old child moved back home? Read this

What do you do if your adult child moves home, especially when impacts your finances? If your child has moved back home, read this!


5 Breast-cancer myths, busted!

One of the top five cancers to affect both men and women, breast cancer is a big deal. The good news? There are lots of things you can do to help reduce your risk. Let’s start by busting these commons myths.

Building Wealth

“My savings saved my heart – and my life”

Father of four and grandfather of two, Bruce Michale Dakers, 58 shares how his savings saved his life – and gave him a chance to spend more time with his family. Read his story, here.

Building Wealth

“My savings helped save my wife’s life”

When 54-year-old Francois Johannes de Wet’s wife became seriously ill, his savings offered peace of mind – and a vital payout. 


“My biggest money regret… and the lesson I learnt”

Imagine if you could see into your future and pre-empt any of future-you’s money mistakes. Here, 60- and 70-somethings share their life lessons with you, so you can make savvy financial decisions now.

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