Sanlam Reality has partnered with TaxTim, an online service that helps over two-million South Africans do their income tax returns efficiently and correctly. Fully integrated with the South African Revenue Service (SARS), TaxTim offers three tax submission packages to assist you with your tax return. The packages are: Lite (a basic tax return if your only income is a salary and you do not belong to a medical aid, have a retirement fund or other allowances and income); Smart (for taxpayers who earn a salary, belong to a medical aid, have a retirement fund, allowances, investment income and/or donations); and Ultra (for taxpayers who earn commission, are independent contractors, sole proprietors or have earned foreign or rental income). TaxTim will use the information you provide as part of registration to automatically select the appropriate package for you.

As a Sanlam Reality member, you will be able to sign up to TaxTim and use the service for free. Plus, you will also earn 3 000 tier points towards your tier status for using the service. TaxTim makes it easy to submit your tax return by guiding you through the process with simple step-by-step instructions.

Note: Reality Club members do not earn tier points.

More about TaxTim:
TaxTim is a digital tax assistant that helps you complete and file your tax return with confidence. TaxTim offers the convenience of online filing with the added benefit of a tax professional to guide you step-by-step.

  • Easy: Simply have an on-screen conversation, in plain English, and TaxTim will complete your tax return form instantly.
  • Secure: TaxTim is fully integrated with SARS eFiling, enabling you to import your IRP5 data and submit your completed return in one click.
  • Accurate: Automated checks ensure your tax return is completed correctly and complies with SARS rules and guidelines.
  • Expertise: TaxTim ensures you claim for every possible deduction available; reducing your tax liability and maximising your potential refund, when applicable.
  • Save money: It’s like having your own tax practitioner at no cost to you.
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