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Wealth Sense: Latest articles in Short-term Insurance


“My biggest money regret… and the lesson I learnt”

Imagine if you could see into your future and pre-empt any of future-you’s money mistakes. Here, 60- and 70-somethings share their life lessons with you, so you can make savvy financial decisions now.

Short-term Insurance

10 items you should always have in your car

Do you drive around with half of your life in your car? In case of an emergency, ensure these 10 must-have items are within reach should you find yourself in a sticky situation while on the road.

Short-term Insurance

Handing over your car keys could be costly

If you share your car with a family member, or pass it on to your son or daughter, you need to be aware of the consequences if you don’t declare the new regular driver’s details with your insurer.

Short-term Insurance

Retail vs market value: what’s the difference?

If you plan to purchase and insure a pre-owned vehicle, it’s crucial to know the difference between the retail value of your new car and the market value. We explain.

Short-term Insurance

Home contents insurance 101

How would you replace everything in your house if it was destroyed or stolen? We explain how to make sure you have the right household cover in place.

Short-term Insurance

Five key questions to ask about travel insurance

Taking a trip, whether it’s local or abroad, is always exciting. But unforeseen expenses such as illness, lost luggage or flight delays can spoil what’s meant to be a trip of a lifetime. We look into the ins and outs of travel insurance.

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