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Want to find out how much you will save with your monthly investments?

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The financial calculators on this website are intended only as guidelines. The results will only be useful if appropriate inputs are used. The calculators may provide projections of uncertain future outcomes. Actual future values will be based on actual future experience and will differ from these projections. Before you take any action based on these calculations, we recommend that you seek sound financial advice from a registered financial adviser.

Last updated on 8th November, 2017 at 11:12 am

The power of compound interest can make your savings grow and grow. With this calculator you can work out how much interest you will earn over a set period or calculate how much you need to set aside each month to reach your savings goal amount. If you are a Reality Health, Reality Plus or Reality Core member, and you are logged in, you will be awarded 1000 points when you use the calculator for the first time. These will reflect on your profile on your next log in.

  • The maximum earnable points per year is 5 000 (on Single or Family membership options)
  • The maximum combined points for quizzes, financial calculators and financial questionnaires apply.

A suggested guideline for return on investment, depending on your appetite for risk:

Risk profile of investmentAverage long-term returns

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