When a pandemic like coronavirus hits, how covered are you really?

When a pandemic like coronavirus hits, how covered are you really?

Published on 2nd April, 2020 at 11:10 am

With coronavirus (COVID-19) a reality on the continent, find out what it means for your risk cover – as well as the free tools at your disposal to keep you safe.

Is a pandemic like coronavirus covered by Sanlam’s disability and severe illness or critical illness insurance policy contracts?

If you’ve got death, disability or severe illness cover through a group insurance policy such as one underwritten by Sanlam Group Risk, claims arising from an illness like coronavirus will be honoured provided it meets the standard claims criteria (as set out in the client-specific policy contract).

The coronavirus illness itself will not be covered due to its absolute uncertainty – in the same way that Ebola and other infectious diseases are not covered. However, some of the complications of the disease might lead to a claim, for example end-stage lung disease or renal failure. In these instances, a claim may be valid depending on the nature of the benefits selected and the specific policy contract conditions.

Contracting the virus will not automatically constitute a claim, but some complications may result in temporary or permanent disability. The nature of the potential disability will be assessed against the disability definition contained in the client-specific policy contract, which will depend on the type of disability product you have.

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