Is it okay to steal the hotel shampoo?

Is it okay to steal the hotel shampoo?

Published on 4th February, 2019 at 02:35 pm

Is taking hotel toiletries home stealing?

“It’s totally okay to take the little bottles of shampoo and soap,” says Avukile Mabombo of Marriott International. “But you shouldn’t go beyond that. Taking a comfy pillow or an attractive duvet cover just isn’t on!”

There are many other ways to make the most of your booking. “Use as many of the hotel’s services as possible,” explains Mabombo. “Look up the concierge or the Guest Services Desk at a hotel and ask them whatever questions you have about the hotel, the area and so on. Concierges are often people who’ve been involved in the hotel for many years, and they have a wealth of knowledge just waiting for you to tap into. In fact, you’ll probably find their recommendations way better than what Google or TripAdvisor have to offer.”

What are the rules for tipping?

“If you’re unsure about things like whether to tip the cleaning staff or the waters at the hotel’s restaurant, that’s the perfect thing to put to the concierge, too,” says Mabombo. Ask your concierge for a guideline on amounts to tip for different services, as well as if it’s best to give a staff member cash directly, leave it in your room (for cleaning staff, for example) or to hand it to the reception with instructions for distribution.

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