Don’t get in a ‘jam’ with your insurance

Don’t get in a ‘jam’ with your insurance

Last updated on 12th December, 2017 at 04:28 pm

Car-jamming continues to remain a safety concern for many South Africans, and motorists are encouraged to be alert and check that their car is locked before walking away. But what are the insurance implications?

Car-jamming (also known as remote jamming) happens when someone else disrupts the signal from your vehicle’s remote which prevents your car from being locked. Motorists often walk away from their vehicles while pressing their remotes, which allows thieves to walk up to their vehicles and remove valuables. For this reason, you do need to double-check that your vehicle has been locked even after you’ve pressed the button on your remote.

How to protect yourself

  • After you’ve pressed the remote button, double-check that your vehicle is locked by testing the doors.
  • Make sure you test all remote devices and security systems at regular intervals. If there are any faults, contact an authorised service provider to fix or replace the faulty system with a recommended device.
  • Always store all valuable personal items such as sunglasses, cellphones and laptops in a locked boot and not where it’s visible. This reduces the temptation to steal.
  • Some insurance policies specify that items need to be locked in the boot when unattended, so train yourself and your family to do so regularly.

Many insurance companies will cover the theft of insured property (such as your valuables) from a locked vehicle subject to the limitations and conditions of the policy. Should it later be proven that you did not in fact lock the vehicle, the claim could be rejected. Best practice is to understand the conditions of your insurance policy – and most importantly to always check and double-check that your car is locked and your valuables safely stowed away.

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