Frequently Asked Questions : Wealth Bonus Lifestyle for MiWay

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Wealth Bonus Lifestyle for MiWay

What happens if I cancel my MiWay MiWheels Comprehensive policy?

The Wealth Bonus Lifestyle benefits for MiWay will no longer apply, should your policy lapse or if your MiWheels Comprehensive cover is cancelled.

What benefits do I get with Wealth Bonus Lifestyle for MiWay?

You will enjoy the following benefits at no additional cost to you:

  1. FlySafair – 10% off tickets annually (standard and business class flights only).
  2. Online Education by Boston – Access to free supplementary high-school education platform (CAPS curriculum), as well as access to discounted Cambridge home-schooling and free Social and Emotional learning platform.
  3. Uber – 20% off after-hours trips (22:00-04:00).
  4. RSAWEB – 10% off fibre data subscription to your home.
  5. Intercape Bus – 20% (up to R150) off two Intercape Bus tickets annually.
  6. Planet Fitness – 20% off gym fees.
  7. JustGym – 20% off gym fees.
  8. Viya – 5% off accommodation.
  9. LekkeSlaap – 5% off accommodation.
  10. Nu Metro – 65% off standard 2D movies, plus R40 for a refreshment’s combo.
  11. Credit report - understand your credit profile, credit score, credit history and recommendations – all on one dashboard.

Do my lifestyle benefits have usage limits?

Some of your benefits do have usage limits, which are as follows:

  • Nu Metro: You may purchase a maximum of 10 2D tickets per month and a maximum of 10 refreshments combos per month.
  • Intercape: You are limited to two tickets per year at 20% discount per ticket (capped at R150 each).
  • Uber: You can only use the 20% discount between 22h00 and 04h00 hours (capped at a maximum discount of R150 per trip).
  • FlySafair: You’ll get a discount of 10% per ticket on 4 tickets annually on standard and business class flights only.
  • LekkeSlaap: The discount of 5% is capped at 8 room nights’ accommodation annually.
  • Viya: The discount of 5% is capped at 8 room nights’ accommodation annually.

How do I access my discounted benefits?

Follow the easy step-by-step process in the “how it works” tab to access the benefits below.

Alternatively, you can visit Wealth Bonus Lifestyle for MiWay Benefits | Sanlam Reality and watch the video or scroll down to see your benefits.

How do I upgrade my membership option?

You can contact the Sanlam Reality call centre on 0860 732 548/9 or complete the online membership form. Membership fee as follows:

  • Reality Core Single membership: R125 per month
  • Reality Core Family membership: R160 per month
  • Reality Plus Single membership: R275 per month
  • Reality Plus Family membership: R345 per month