How to stay safe when catching an Uber

How to stay safe when catching an Uber

Published on 8th March, 2019 at 11:22 am

Enjoy your Sanlam Reality Uber discount and ensure you’re staying safe. Ride-sharing is great. It’s a convenient, affordable alternative to driving. And as a Sanlam Reality member, you get up to 30% off your Uber trips. As with everything, being alert and vigilant is always wise. Here’s how to be aware whatever taxi service or app you’re using.

Request your ride from inside

It’s generally best to order your Uber from inside. Then you can track your driver’s arrival on your phone, and step outside to meet them once they’ve arrived. That way you’re not waiting outside, phone in hand, where you’re more vulnerable to theft. Plus, you’ll be awaiting your driver more comfortably!

Triple check the number plate

Your Uber app will show you the car model and number plate for your driver – double check these are correct before getting into a waiting car.

Riding solo? Sit at the back

Not only does sitting in the back create a greater sense of personal space, but it also provides the option to exit on either side of the car if needed.

Don’t reveal too much personal info

Many Uber drivers are brilliantly interesting and keen to make you feel comfortable, which is incredible. Just be cautious of sharing too much personal info – you are, after all, talking to a stranger.

Send a notification of your trip details to a friend

The Uber app lets you share your trip details with someone you know, meaning a friend, partner or parent can track your progress.

Rate your driver

The best way to alert others – and Uber themselves – to good and bad drivers is to rate each driver after your trip. Be honest – Uber take poorly-rated drivers seriously and will investigate if there is cause for concern. (Remember, drivers get to rate you too… so be courteous and timeous in meeting your driver for your trip.)

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