Thank you for the 2019 milestones!

Thank you for the 2019 milestones!

Published on 22nd November, 2019 at 12:46 pm

A year of growth and memories – 2019 has been filled with milestones for Sanlam Reality, and we have you to thank for this!

1. We launched the free Sanlam Reality App

February saw a major transformation in the way members can access benefits 24.7, on the go. The launch of the Sanlam Reality App gave members access to everything from discounted Nu Metro ticket bookings to your Personal Assistant, at the tap of button.

“The Sanlam Reality App is a key development in our strategy to provide members with seamless engagement with key benefits of the programme,” shares Francois Uys, head of digital, marketing and communications at Sanlam Reality. “Within a very short space of time we can see up to a third of key benefit usage now via the mobile app.”

Haven’t downloaded the Sanlam Reality App for yourself? Get it free on the Google Play Store or Apple iStore.

2. You finally got a credit card that encourages responsible spending

We all know that credit is inevitable, but financially responsible credit? That’s intentional – and something Sanlam believes in.

It’s why we launched the new Sanlam Money Saver credit card, which adds up to an additional 5% of everything you spend into a savings account, to ensure you’re saving as you swipe. “As a cardholder you commit to 2.5% additional charge to each swipe and Sanlam rewards you with 2.5%, giving you 5% towards a Cash-back Bonus. Furthermore, if you swipe at Reward Partners on the credit card network, they contribute your 2.5% commitment and therefore you get the full 5% free,” says Uys.

“Using the Sanlam Money Saver credit card will unlock true rewards and real instant value that you can see and calculate,” says Uys. What does Uys mean by ‘true rewards’? Well, for one thing, what we promise is what you get: you don’t need to be on any kind of tier level or platinum status to earn that 5% cash-back in your savings. You simply opt in for the 5% Co-Save option when you apply, and that’s it.

“Simply re-channelling what you would have spent on other debit and credit cards through the Sanlam Money Saver credit card on a daily basis can result in significant, real savings,” suggests Uys. “For example, R10 000 spent per month will give you an annual Cash-back Bonus of R6 000!”

3. We grew to reach 1.2-million members

Sanlam Reality was made available to Sanlam Group Risk members through the introduction of Reality Access for SGR, expanding the programme’s membership and bringing benefits to even more Sanlam members.

“Our mission, and what’s really important to us at Sanlam Reality, is the opportunity to add real value to the daily lives of Sanlam clients, helping them take care of their money,” says Uys.

“As a brand, we believe in transparency, real rewards, giving members choice and doing all of this in a manner that makes it extremely easy for members to access their benefits and rewards.”

If you’re one of our new Reality Access for SGR members (welcome!), you can access complimentary professional services through the Legal Assist, Emergency Medical Response and Trauma, Assault and HIV Assist benefits. Plus, you can enjoy daily savings with your Discount Coupons benefit.

The launch of Reality Access for SGR expanded our membership to over 1.2-million members – you’re part of a winning, growing family! “The milestone was a fantastic achievement and something that will add significant value to the visibility and recognition of the Sanlam Reality brand,” adds Uys.

4. Discount Coupons went mobile

If you’re a Reality Club or Reality Access for SGR member, then you enjoyed the introduction of an even easier way to use your Discount Coupons benefit, via your phone.

“Moving Discount Coupons from print to mobile helped to ensure we can now offer monthly discount coupons instead of quarterly printed coupons,” Uys explains. “This is true to our mission of ensuring our members can enjoy benefits seamlessly and now get more back.”

“Our further investment in technology ensures members can engage with financial content and programme benefits in a seamless, frictionless and real-time manner.”

As a Reality Club, Reality Access or Reality Access for SGR member, you can access more benefits and earn tier points for even better savings by upgrading to Reality Core, Reality Plus or Reality Health.

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