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Wealth Sense: Latest articles in Savings

Spend less, save more and and watch your money grow and grow...

Building Wealth

5 Ways to save R500

Saving R500 a month can sound daunting – but the truth is, it’s often easier than you think. Small tweaks to your day-to-day and being more intentional about how (and why) you spend can be enough to stash away an extra R500 a month. And that’s a lot! Here, five ways you could be saving […]


Money Diaries: a month in the life of someone who earns R31 000

We asked real South Africans to share their money diary for a month with us. Why? So that you can see how real people earn, spend and save – and how they can save more with just tiny (almost painless!) lifestyle tweaks. Here, one month’s money diary from a 34-year-old Senior Designer from Cape Town. *Values […]

Building Wealth

Are you in the 6% club?

Only 6% of South Africans are financially independent at retirement. Take a moment to absorb that. That means that we are some of the worst savers in the world – and the impact this can have on you is scary. After all, what happens to you if you can’t afford to retire? Do you have […]


Train yourself into financial shape

Just like any other fitness regimen, you need to have a good exercise programme to whip your finances into shape.


Five financial blunders that can set you back

Financial independence means not being shackled by debt and being able to live comfortably on the money that you have saved and invested. It is achievable, but there are some key mistakes to avoid.


Tax-free savings accounts for every life stage

Karin Muller, head of growth market solutions at Sanlam Personal Finance, explains how tax-free savings accounts can be used to your best advantage at different stages of your life.

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