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Wealth Sense: Latest articles in Savings

Spend less, save more and and watch your money grow and grow...


Train yourself into financial shape

Just like any other fitness regimen, you need to have a good exercise programme to whip your finances into shape.


Five financial blunders that can set you back

Financial independence means not being shackled by debt and being able to live comfortably on the money that you have saved and invested. It is achievable, but there are some key mistakes to avoid.


Tax-free savings accounts for every life stage

Karin Muller, head of growth market solutions at Sanlam Personal Finance, explains how tax-free savings accounts can be used to your best advantage at different stages of your life.


Is your money working as hard as you are?

Workers’ Day is a time to contemplate the contribution we all make to the economy and perhaps to take stock of where our careers are heading. It is also a perfect opportunity to assess whether our hard-earned money is working as hard as we are.


The gift of saving

Make saving one of the most important lessons you teach your children.


Clever thinking makes the most of your bonus

Dreaming about your annual bonus and what to do with it? It’s all about balancing living for today and preparing for tomorrow.

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