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Wealth Sense: Latest articles in Medical

Healthcare matters, so be informed about the key medical issues that affect your finances.


Good health improves your financial standing

It stands to reason that the healthier you are, the less risk you are to insurance companies. So when it comes to long-term products such as life cover, your insurer takes into account how well you take care of yourself when calculating your monthly premiums.


Medical aid terms explained

Deciding on the best medical aid option can be difficult, not least because some of the medical aid terms sound like they’re in a foreign language. We elaborate on the most common medical aid terms to help you.


What to look for in a hospital plan

So, you’re looking at hospital plans. How do you choose the most affordable option that suits you best?


The health costs of ageing parents

People are living longer than ever before, so no matter how carefully your parents have planned for the future, you may have to assist them financially – and this will include the costly exercise of health care.


Don’t play the waiting game

Choosing to join a medical aid later rather than sooner can be detrimental to your health and your wallet. We investigate how a waiting period works.


Overseas travel and your health

Be it that once-in-a-lifetime family trip to Disneyland or a romantic getaway to a remote tropical island, a visit to the emergency room is definitely not on the sightseeing list. But accidents do happen, so make sure you’re covered.

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