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Wealth Sense: Latest articles in Major Purchases

Spending money on a home, a car or that round-the-world trip can have an impact on your financial security, so decide wisely.

Major Purchases

Six tips to get the most for a trade-in

Got your eye on your next set of wheels? Then you’ve probably wondered what to do with your existing car. You could sell it privately or go for the quicker, more convenient option – trading it in at a dealership.

Major Purchases

Five essential checks before buying a home

You've found your dream home, the price is right and you can't wait to move in… But how do you know there aren’t any hidden gremlins?

Major Purchases

Earn bucks for your beds

Holiday home? Airbnb? Buy-to-let? A second or even third property can boost your income and increase your assets if you do it right.

Major Purchases

Second property: be aware of tax implications

As attractive as it may seem to own a second property – as a holiday home, an investment (to let) or for speculation – buyers and owners should be aware of the tax implications and how it could affect them.

Major Purchases

Why saving for a home deposit is important

Buying your first home ranks up there with the most exciting and terrifying experiences of your life. But given the current economic climate, it’s increasingly difficult for first-time buyers to get their foot on the property ladder.

Major Purchases

Buying a property to rent

Property has proven itself time and again as a dependable medium- to long-term investment. Getting a tenant will help to pay off your bond, but there are potential drawbacks. We investigate.

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