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Wealth Sense: Latest articles in Investment

Long-term Investment

Your future financial wellbeing depends on the decisions you make today. Begin with an investment plan.


Five great money moves for women

Women in certain parts of the world may reach a life expectancy of 90 years in just over a decade from now. This staggering finding (Lancet medical journal) is a call to action for women to rethink their approach to finance.


What are unit trusts?

Unit trusts are a popular choice for investors who want access to blue chip shares and bonds, which are not cost-effectively available to direct investors with relatively small amounts to invest.


How to invest offshore

The world market offers broad opportunities for investment without the economic and political risks currently at play in South Africa.


Risk profiling questionnaire

Complete a risk profiling questionnaire to find out your appetite for investment risk.


Use your risk profile to your advantage

Understanding your risk profile and how you are likely to react to investment movement or market uncertainty will help you stay focused and better manage your investments.


The stock market for first-timers

The stock market is a potentially lucrative place to invest your money but it’s not a casino where you gamble and luck determines the outcome.

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