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Wealth Sense: Latest articles in Family

Make your hopes and dreams for your family come true with careful financial planning.


SERIES: How to be money-wise in your 50s

An exciting – if a little scary – life phase is just around the corner as retirement moves closer. Whatever your situation, these four steps will help assure your financial future.


SERIES: How to be money-wise in your 40s

Even though you might be at your earning peak in this decade, there are new financial priorities that need serious planning and attention.


SERIES: How to be money-wise in your 30s

This decade should bring more money but it will also bring more goals to finance, like getting married, starting a family or buying a home.


SERIES: How to be money-wise in your 20s

You have your own income and the freedom to choose how to spend it. But it’s also a time to be money-wise and develop financial habits to set you up for life.


How to tackle the affordability of education

The cost of education in South Africa remains a hotly debated topic, as the affordability issue impacts many parents and students.


Family financial planning through the ages

The minute you start a family, your financial responsibilities mount up. Check out our guide to your key financial focus points through life’s stages.

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