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Wealth Sense: Latest articles in Family

Make your hopes and dreams for your family come true with careful financial planning.


Preparing for the cost of single motherhood

Only a small portion of South Africans can afford solo parenting by choice. If single motherhood is on your horizon, there are important practical and financial plans you’ll need to have in place.


How to become financially compatible

Money doesn’t guarantee happiness and the lack of it doesn’t spell doom, but when partners are financially incompatible major problems can arise.


SERIES: How to be money-wise in your 50s

An exciting – if a little scary – life phase is just around the corner as retirement moves closer. Whatever your situation, these four steps will help assure your financial future.


SERIES: How to be money-wise in your 40s

Even though you might be at your earning peak in this decade, there are new financial priorities that need serious planning and attention.


SERIES: How to be money-wise in your 30s

This decade should bring more money but it will also bring more goals to finance, like getting married, starting a family or buying a home.


SERIES: How to be money-wise in your 20s

You have your own income and the freedom to choose how to spend it. But it’s also a time to be money-wise and develop financial habits to set you up for life.

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