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Wealth Sense: Latest articles in Death

Ensure financial peace of mind for you and those that you leave behind.


What happens to your business if something happens to you?

Imagine that your business partner dies or becomes disabled and can no longer work. Do you have a clear plan of how the business will operate? Who’ll take over their share and how will this affect the business?


Using a trust to protect your business

You’ve heard about family trusts used to protect personal assets, especially those of minor children. But did you know that a trust can also be used to protect business assets?


How to set up a living trust for your grandchildren’s education

A recent ‘Life Surprises’ survey by Sanlam revealed that more than 40% of South Africans over 50 are unexpectedly supporting family members, with grandchildren being one of the largest supported groups.


Estate planning for single or divorced parents

No parent wants to think about what will happen to their kids should they die prematurely… But if you’re a single or divorced parent, this life circumstance can have more complications than you planned for.


Estate planning is not an optional extra

In the event of their death, any caring parent or spouse wants their dependants provided for and their heirs to receive the maximum inheritance. But that can only happen once the liabilities are paid on your estate.


Mistakes to avoid when drafting a Will

If you have a Will, you’ll have the last word on what should happen to the fruits of all your hard work when you are gone, right? Not quite... make sure you avoid these five common mistakes.

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