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Wealth Sense

Start your journey to financial fitness with Wealth Sense. With interactive tools and calculators, Wealth Sense will help you to manage and better understand your day-to-day finances, plan for your future financial security and show you that taking care of your money can be rewarding.


How to tackle the affordability of education

The cost of education in South Africa remains a hotly debated topic, as the affordability issue impacts many parents and students.


Family financial planning through the ages

The minute you start a family, your financial responsibilities mount up. Check out our guide to your key financial focus points through life’s stages.


10 easy ways to save on travel costs

Try these tips to help you curb the costs of your annual holiday and allow you to relax and enjoy it without financial worries.

Safety and Security

How to burglar-proof your home

The recent crime stats released by the SA police point to an alarming increase of 8.5% in robberies with aggravating circumstances. So, how do you go about ensuring that your home is burglar-proof?

Safety and Security

Protect your car from pothole damage

South Africa is a wonderful one-of-a-kind country with its own unique risks. One of the biggest irritations for motorists – and one of the most damaging to cars – is the dreaded pothole.

Short-term Insurance

Handing over your car keys could be costly

If you share your car with a family member, or pass it on to your son or daughter, you need to be aware of the consequences if you don’t declare the new regular driver’s details with your insurer.

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