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Wealth Sense

Start your journey to financial fitness with Wealth Sense. With interactive tools and calculators, Wealth Sense will help you to manage and better understand your day-to-day finances, plan for your future financial security and show you that taking care of your money can be rewarding.


What happens to your business if something happens to you?

Imagine that your business partner dies or becomes disabled and can no longer work. Do you have a clear plan of how the business will operate? Who’ll take over their share and how will this affect the business?


Preparing for the cost of single motherhood

Only a small portion of South Africans can afford solo parenting by choice. If single motherhood is on your horizon, there are important practical and financial plans you’ll need to have in place.


Cryptocurrencies: The money of the future?

Around dinner tables and water coolers, everybody’s talking about Bitcoin, blockchains, mining and more… Are cryptocurrencies changing the financial landscape? How do they work and are they here to stay?


How to become financially compatible

Money doesn’t guarantee happiness and the lack of it doesn’t spell doom, but when partners are financially incompatible major problems can arise.

Long-term Insurance

Preparing for life’s uncertainties

Life is unpredictable and things can change in the blink of an eye. These unexpected events can often affect our finances as well as emotions.

Short-term Insurance

10 items you should always have in your car

Do you drive around with half of your life in your car? In case of an emergency, ensure these 10 must-have items are within reach should you find yourself in a sticky situation while on the road.

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