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Wealth Sense

Start your journey to financial fitness with Wealth Sense. With interactive tools and calculators, Wealth Sense will help you to manage and better understand your day-to-day finances, plan for your future financial security and show you that taking care of your money can be rewarding.


Eight tips to budget shop like a pro

With prices going up and belts getting tighter, here are some simple tips to stretch your hard-earned rands even further.


Train yourself into financial shape

Just like any other fitness regimen, you need to have a good exercise programme to whip your finances into shape.


Beware! How not to fall for a pyramid scheme

A friend comes to you with a great investment opportunity, raving about how much money she’s made in a short time. Sounds too good to be true? It probably is. In all likelihood, it’s a pyramid scheme.


Five financial blunders that can set you back

Financial independence means not being shackled by debt and being able to live comfortably on the money that you have saved and invested. It is achievable, but there are some key mistakes to avoid.


Inflation beaters: how to protect your investments

Beating inflation is a good foundation to grow your investment. Here are some strategies you can adopt to try and protect your investments.


Three lifestyle changes to boost your retirement savings

Take control of what you spend your money on to ensure you have enough savings left at the end of the month to put towards your retirement.

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