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Wild about Argentina

With trippy multi-coloured quebradas, soaring Andean peaks and shimmering prehistoric glaciers, Argentina is an adventurer’s paradise.

Movement and memory work together

Alzheimer’s disease is more than losing your memory. Eventually, it affects your ability to function day to day. Can exercise – that’s physical, not just mental – be an antidote to cognitive decline?

10 tips to stay healthy on holiday

Nothing is going to spoil your dream holiday more than a touch of the dreaded Delhi belly or being laid low by a bad dose of the sniffles. Here’s some tricks to keep you in tip-top shape on your travels.

The power of walking

Get fit one step at a time. Walking is something you do naturally every day, so it seems logical that it would be the best place to start to improve your fitness.

The Jikeleza Route uncovered

Ask the locals and they’ll tell you the Jikeleza Route, bordering the Wild Coast north-east of East London, is a beach-bush-food-art sort of place where, as the surfers say, happiness comes in wave

How to beat jet lag

You’ve travelled for 23 hours, changed planes three times and now you’re raring to go and soak up the sights and sounds of your destination, but your body is begging for the nearest pillow… You’re suffering from jet lag.

Go nuts

Nature knew what she was doing when she created the nut. Packed with heart-friendly mono- and polyunsaturated fats, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and protein, nuts balance cholesterol and blood sugar and are a nutritious, appetite controlling snack.

Where East kisses West

Istanbul is an intoxicating blend of imperial grandeur and funky modernity. It could also very well be the hub of the new, east-facing Europe.

5 fitness trends to get you going

Whether it’s a high-tech tracker, an outlandish hybrid sport or a simple return to basics, we look at five of this year’s top fitness trends, and why they’re bound to do you go

The Berg’s bubbly valley

While each section of the Drakensberg has its own allure, the varied offering of Champagne Valley in Central Drakensberg makes it a favourite destination for family holidays.

Small changes, big difference to your weight

You’ve tried them all. Eating only grapes for a week, drinking potions and herbal teas, but nothing seems to work. The secret is to change your habits and be mindful about how you fuel your body.

Hitting the West Coast road

Justin Fox packs his Beetle with boards and beach toys, and joins a group of friends heading up the West Coast for a week of summer bliss.

Vital health checks through the ages

These simple and effective checks are good indicators of your state of health and can act as an early-warning system for potentially life-threatening conditions.

Border hopping the great thirstland

The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, sandwiched between Namibia and Botswana, is a place of red dunes, dry rivers, black-maned lions and serious safaris. Time to head into the wilderness…

Growing super-kids

Experts agree that the first nine years of a child’s life set the foundation for their future development and success. Here’s how you can help them build healthier bodies and sharper brains.

Vietnam: affordable and exotic

With jungles, mountains and tropical islands, Vietnam is blessed with incredible natural diversity. What’s more, its history is fascinating, food mouth-watering and culture infectious.

Get a natural high in the Overberg

With fynbos, penguins, sharks, whales and even leopards, the Overberg is paradise for nature lovers – and it’s blessedly uncrowded for most of the year

Be sun savvy this summer

Beaches, poolsides and braais are beckoning, but all such outdoor activities come with a dangerous dose of ultraviolet radiation. Here’s our guide to stay safe in the sun.

Explore Johannesburg

Looking for world-class art galleries? Green space in the city? Compelling cultural discoveries? Millennial-friendly downtown hangouts? There’s no need to pack your passport… Jozi offers all of this and more.

Southern Africa’s wild heart

Victoria Falls is the hub of a huge transfrontier park called Kaza that will dominate tourism in this corner of Africa for decades to come. Time to go exploring.

Get the (nobbly) wheels rolling

Our country has an abundance of spectacular mountain bike trails close to all major centres. Time to head down the singletrack of this invigorating sport.

It’s not a dream, it’s the Seychelles

There’s so much more to the Seychelles archipelago than just white beaches and topaz water. We recommend…

Let fly

These days you can catch just about anything on a fly, but trout are the only fish you can only catch on a fly. We scoured out four super-cool fly-fishing spots in South Africa.

Plan for your family’s financial future

Look after your family the best way you can with tips on insurance, estate planning, medical aid and more in our latest Reality Money digital magazine.

Hitting the trail

Young, old, fit or flabby, trail running is the new, ‘old’ sport everybody can do. Here’s a simple guide to getting out there.

Beguiling Barcelona

For scintillating nightlife, spectacular architecture and colourful café culture, Barcelona is hard to beat. Here’s our guide to the city’s top picks…

A sun-kissed corner of France

If you’ve keen to travel to the south of France, check out these cool spot on the French Riviera and Provence’s back country.

Is thinking making you fat?

There are myriad reasons for dysfunctional eating, and it’s not an easy problem to tackle. Using just the power of our minds, we can change our behaviour around and attitude towards the food we eat.

The lighthouse family

Would your family have cut it as lighthouse keepers in the days of yore? Check out these four lighthouses that offer cottage accommodation.

Top tips for answering exam questions

Most children face their school exams with trepidation, and often let anxiety overtake their ability to answer the questions in time and sufficiently. Share these tips with your kids to help them ace their exams.

Kruger’s best rest camps

The Kruger National Park is even more South African than braaivleis and rugby. It’s our cherished jewel and one of the world’s great game reserves. We check out five top rest camps.

Five remedies to ease stiff muscles after exercising

It’s been a tough workout, but astonishingly you feel OK when you’re done. Fast forward a day or two later, and you’re walking like you’re 100 years old! Try these tips to ease aching muscles…

Island of myth and legend

Belfast in Northern Ireland might be a hip and happening city on the rise, but you can still travel back in time and enjoy exploring locations from the hit TV show Game of Thrones.

Food and wine in the city of oaks

The historic university town of Stellenbosch may be famous for its surrounding winelands, but you won’t go hungry here either. Time to nibble and sip your way around the Eikestad.

Save and invest for your future

The time is now to secure your very best future possible. With our latest Savings digital magazine, we show you how to create a financial roadmap for your future.

How to avoid ‘screen ache’

Being glued to your computer or smartphone results in a hunched-over posture and, usually, a pain in the neck. We show you how to ease the ache.

Down on the farm

Pack a big straw hat and your trendiest dungarees… and head for the platteland. Staying on a farm can offer an informal, outdoorsy holiday that’s affordable and great for families.

Simple ways to a healthier you

Making the decision to live a healthier life is easier than you think. With our digital Wellness magazine, we show you how to improve your health and fitness by making small changes to your life.

10 best bites of the Big Apple

Bigger, faster, taller, more exciting: that’s New York. Forget about sleeping, this city will have you breathlessly on the go, 24/7.

Down to the core

Any mention of core strength conjures up the honed six-packs on Olympic swimmers or on the pages of a glossy magazine. But it’s not just about your abs…

The heart of the highlands

Stunning scenery and rugged rock formations, not wildlife, are the big drawcards at Golden Gate Highlands National Park.

Winter wonderland

Most travellers think of Switzerland in winter as the ultimate skiing destination. Justin Fox was invited to try some fabulous alternatives on an ABS (anything-but-skiing) visit.

Get over that training plateau

You’ve been training hard and everything is going great. Then it all grinds to a halt. Your performance stagnates and the scale refuses to budge. What now?

Cradled by sandstone mountains

Tucked away in twisted folds of the Langeberg lies a quintessential Cape dorp. Time to visit Montagu.

Time to manage your finances and become money wise

Taking control of your finances can seem overwhelming at times. With our latest digital Money magazine, we show you how to budget, manage credit, map your financial future and more…

Keep your children safe online

Handing over a mobile phone or tablet to your child can be terrifying to contemplate. Here are some simple ways to protect your kids as they join the digital information highway.

iSimangaliso: best bush and beach combo

Cape Vidal Camp in iSimangaliso Wetland Park is a KwaZulu-Natal family favourite that offers a unique bush and beach combination. Time to kick off your shoes and go exploring.

Sun City for all ages

With over 100 activities to keep children of all ages amused – even big kids like mom and dad – a Sun City getaway is just as much fun today as it was in its heyday.

Getting into the exercise habit

Any new fitness programme usually starts off with big aspirations, but three weeks or six months down the line, your exercise sessions may have dwindled to zero. So how do you make exercise a part of your daily routine?

72 hours in Dubai

Whether you’re passing through in transit or heading there on holiday, a three-day break is just long enough to soak up the sights and sounds of Dubai.

Teenagers and gym: when to start and what to do

Teenagers may prefer lifting mobile phones to dumbbells, but the sooner they start exercising the better. What approach should they take to joining the gym?

How to buy your first property

We all dream of owning our own property one day. But getting into the property market for the first time can be a daunting prospect, so we’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you.

Bay of Plenitude

Plettenberg Bay lies on a gorgeous sweep of coast with a benign climate, safe bathing and a million activities on offer. Time to go exploring.

Ready, set… go!

Your holiday trip should be a time of fun and relaxation, so a breakdown is not a good way to start. Read this handy guide to preparing for the long road.

Pedal power

With summer’s cycling season just around the corner, being ready to take on the challenge is not all about the bike. A good cross-training programme goes a long way to enhancing your performance in the saddle.

A Garden Route hideaway

The Garden Route is a much trodden tourist path, but you can escape the beaten track and slip into feral wildness a stone’s throw from the N2 at Goukamma Nature Reserve.

Time to recharge the batteries

Think you need a break? Travel is one way to stay young and healthy, and feel rejuvenated. We tracked down five local destinations where you can enjoy that much-needed R&R.

Medscheme information

Bonitas and Fedhealth members can now join the Sanlam Reality programme which will be available from 1 January 2016.

Warm up, injuries down

It’s easy to skip it altogether and move right on to the main event, but whatever your exercise preference, your warm-up should be an integral part of your keep-fit routine.

Study for success

Studying for exams or tests should not be a stressful, last-minute rush. Get your children to follow these steps below – it will help them get through high school and achieve the best results possible.

Choosing the right running shoes

If you’re a newbie to the running game, walking into any sports shop with its dazzling array of shoes and the lingo that goes with it is likely to send you running for the hills in fear. Here are a few simple guidelines to get you going.

10 SA destinations to visit in your lifetime

Do you have a bucket list of places you want to visit in your lifetime? From iconic cities and scenic natural locations to must-do activities (whether they be of the adventurous, culinary or cultural variety), we all dream about stepping out into the world to travel and experience new things.

Lowveld lodges that don’t break the bank

Some private lodges in the Lowveld charge more than R15 000 a night. It’s not easy to find a luxury, private, Big Five experience that’s still affordable. Justin Fox visits three fine options a stone’s throw from Hoedspruit.

The Cape’s rainbow cuisine

From good ol’ fish & chips to fiery chakalaka, the Mother City’s food reflects her settler heritage. Marion Whitehead provides hints on where to taste the Cape’s signature dishes

Top up your retirement savings

One of the real risks when planning for retirement is that we may outlive our retirement savings. How can we make the best of our retirement savings? One option is a retirement annuity – let’s investigate.

Mountains of iron and water

The Waterberg is a wild and rugged corner of South Africa, dotted with malaria-free Big Five parks and game farms. Justin Fox heads north to sample some of its accommodation options.

What to do after school?

Studying after school gives young adults an edge when it comes to looking for a job. But the range of education choices can seem overwhelming. Here’s a guide to what’s out there…

5 family-friendly Jozi activities under R50

Johannesburg may be Africa’s buzzing commercial hub, but you don’t have to fork out the cash to have a good time in the City of Gold with your family.

The M-word

If you battle with the bulge, you’ll know the M-word. Metabolism – and particularly slow metabolism – is often blamed for weight gain, but what does it actually mean?

SA’s best fly-fishing destinations

Trout like water that is clean, clear and cold. Fortunately this isn’t hard to come by: all of South Africa’s main cities have easy access to great fly-fishing. Here are our top five spots.

Master the gym floor

Get the most out of your training time with our quick guide – consider it a gym GPS.

Holiday packing in nine steps

Have you ever arrived at a destination and found your suitcase full of useless items? Or cursed your own stupidity at not having packed that one essential thing you can’t do without? Here’s how to become a better packer.

Baby, let’s move!

Having a fit pregnancy is a great way to prepare your body for the changes ahead. So, what are the key points to remember when exercising while pregnant.

Spice it up in Zanzibar

The Spice Islands are a heady mix of culture and beach life – we uncovered four memorable things to do on the Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar.

Active kids are healthy kids

Encourage your children to exercise from a young age, and you’ll give them a good start for a healthier, happier and more productive life.

Put your back into it

It’s inevitable that most of us will suffer from back pain at some point or other. Fortunately there are ways to strengthen your back through exercise.

The stress gremlin

As adults, we know how crippling stress can be. The demands of work, life and family can be exhausting – but when we see our kids trying to navigate this emotional strain, it can disempower even the most confident and capable of parent.

Five cool boutique coffee roasteries

Coffee in South Africa has come a l-o-o-o-ng way in the past decade… Use our nifty guide to find the best cuppa in each of SA’s main cities.

Pull your weight

We’ve all watched from the treadmill as the big guys in the gym pump iron and bench-press what looks like the same weight as a car. But what benefits do weight training exercises offer us mere mortals – and how do we get started?

Be retirement ready

There’s no time like now to start planning and saving for your retirement. Here are some interesting stats to get you thinking about how ready you are for retirement…

Bike through the best of the Garden Route

On your mountain bike is a great way to spend the day. But where are the best spots along the Garden Route to get on your bike and explore? Here is our pick of the best MTB trails in this picturesque part of South Africa.

5 fun Durban activities for R50 or less

On a budget? You’ll be surprised how many things you can do for R50 or less… We found five wallet-friendly, family activities to enjoy in Durban.

Slave to the rhythm

If you’re feeling jaded with your current exercise routine, why not try something different. And that something could be as simple as dancing the day or night away…

Fighting cholesterol with food

A high percentage of South Africans have high cholesterol. Luckily there are ways to keep cholesterol in check – and eating the right food is one.

Get in shape outdoors

You’ll get more than just fit when you exercise outdoors – there are more benefits to getting out and about than you can imagine.

Vitamins for strong minds and bodies

Primary school children need healthy food to give them the edge at school. These are the essential vitamins to include in their diet.

Motivate your kids to study

Homework and exams can be hard for children, but they can sometimes be even harder for the adults whose job it is to support and motivate them. Here’s how parents can get involved.

Bend it like…

Downward dog with a ball? Sun salute with a theraband? To the uninitiated, the differences between yoga and Pilates can be as confusing as unraveling a pretzel. So, what are they, and how can they benefit you?

Drakensberg walking routes

Drakensberg walking routes

This holiday season head to the Drakensberg for easy walks or longer hikes. It’s a great way to enjoy the scenic beauty of the region.

Be adventurous on the garden route

Be adventurous on the Garden Route

The striking beauty of the Garden Route on the Western Cape coastline has spawned a number of different ways to explore it… many of them on the rather adventurous side!

5 foods diagram

Eat well, study well

Eating the right foods during exam time can help boost memory, concentration and alertness.

People doing pushups on yoga mats

Gym: get back on track

Many people give up exercise because they don’t see results. More often than not, the lack of results stems from some common gym mistakes… Here’s how to get your gym relationship on course.

Pool and entertainment area

Best of Sun City

You can’t get bored at Sun City – there’s simply so much to do. Here is a selection of some of the best.

How to set up a study schedule

How to set up a study schedule

So… it’s exam time and your kids have notebooks, textbooks and homework notes to tackle. Where do they start? Help them take the plunge by setting up a study schedule.

School study book

Ace your school projects

The amount of time and creativity put into a school project can be the difference between an average mark and an excellent grade. Help you child ace theirs with these top five tips.

Waterberg Elephants

Waterberg a weekend getaway gem

About 2 hours’ drive from Gauteng, the Waterberg region is growing in popularity as a weekend getaway – and there’s plenty to do…

School kid doing homework

Help your kids with homework

It can be really daunting for children to get into a routine of doing homework every day after school (when all they really want to do is play). As a parent, you can help them by being prepared, staying involved and offering advice. Here are our tips:

Lady exercising with purple hoodie and ipod

Why exercising makes you feel good

That high you feel after rigorous exercise – when you’re as effervescent as a glass of champagne and it seems like nothing can ruin your day – that’s called runner’s high.